Sub-Saharan Africa

December 24, 2022

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG), and Ghana’s Credit Rating

The World Bank (WB) has indicated that Ghana has seen a rapid economic growth of […]
December 19, 2022

Funding Biomass Energy Projects In Africa

With the growing interest in renewable energy, investments in the sector, particularly biomass, have surged […]
December 9, 2022

E-Mobility: Financing and The Way Forward

The transport sector accounts for about 25 percent (25%) of global energy-related greenhouse emissions (GHG) […]
November 4, 2022

Africa’s Private Sector Investments in Climate Adaption

Climate change has had a substantial impact on the development and progress of most African […]
October 11, 2022

Renewable Fuel Development in Sub–Saharan Africa

Renewable fuel development in Sub-Saharan Africa is urgently needed for social development and economic growth […]
October 11, 2022

Energy Efficiency Development in Sub-Saharan Africa

In the quest to attain energy efficiency in Sub-Saharan Africa, it is the goal of […]